Re: Turbo Rebuild


Hi Paul,

I had the problem with my old turbo charger that it didn't activate because it was seized.
I asked the technician from Secodi in La Rochelle.
They tried to rebuild it but unfortunately they couldn't because the turbo was totally full of solid carbon and we couldn't change the rotor wheel.
As last solution they have searched for a new one and they installed it.
Since then I'm happy with my new turbo charger.

To rebuild a turbo by a technichian is possible, but I think, it is only successful, if you realize the non function just at the first time and you deinstall  it and rebuild it by a engine marine turbo specialist.

I have the same pn from perkins installed this early summer and I paid for the whole turbo charger reparation round 1 K€ with VAT.

How is the situation in the states I don't know. But I'm sure that they can deliver it also from Europe to USA  or Caribbean.

Good luck and fair winds.
I have deep feelings for all the damaged people and yachts by hurricane Irma and Maria.

Félicie SM124  

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