Re: Amel sharki



My genoa is about 135%, 7.5 oz. cruising cloth. I had an identical sail made using 6.5 oz with a torqueless Spectra luff for the Facnor. I found the sail to be too heavy, so I changed the luff and now it is a spare sail. Then Ullman Sails in Durban made a Gennaker, or Aymmetric or Screecher, (whatever) out of 2 or 2.5 oz and that works much better on the Facnor. With the Facnor set up you use a built in Spectra luff and a Spectra halyard with a double block to increase purchase. The Ullman Screecher is only slightly bigger than my genoa. The Facnor attaches to the port bow roller.
Cheers, Roger

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