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Nice achievement indeed.  Good sense too.  Docking single handed is all about preparation… and a little help occasionally.  Depends on the factors in play on the day.

But then … I’m talking to experienced sailors… and we know this.

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What an absolute stud. 

So happy to hear this news!

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Way to go Jeff. I wonder why so few people didn't make the same smart move. I am glad you are safe. 

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I just received a note from Jeff on his Amel 54.

He left the South west coast of Puerto  Rico before Maria and headed south. He encountered winds to 40 knots and seas 8-12 feet.

He returned to the marina and he was the only boat floating,. The buoys to the entrance were gone

Some boats floating and many piled up on the beach. He entered and tied up to the gas dock in 20 knots.

He did this all single handed.30 hours total time solo.

Congratulations to Jeff

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