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Hi Craig,

It has been about 1 year since Judy and I met you aboard the Beneteau
s/v Seabbatical at St. Johns. We have a SM2 "BEBE" (formerly SECURITY).

I believe the primary reason is that the power supply requirement of
the 802 is 13.6 volts. This would require you to also purchase an
ICOM DC24-12 converter to convert 24 volts to 13.6 (Amel installed one
of these on our boat to power a Furuno 12 volt SSB).

The Icom 801 has a 12 and 24 volts supply...meaning no converter.

I believe if you bought the 802 and the ICOM DC24-12 converter that
you would probably spend more that the 801 alone and have twice the
possibility of failure...the power ON/OFF switch on our ICOM converter
failed about 3 months ago...I had a heck of a time finding a
replacement in Panama.

When do you plan to pick up the 54?


Bill Rouse
BEBE SM2 #387

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Can anybody tell me why the IC-M801 Single Side Band radio (offered on
the Amel 54) is better than the IC-M802?

They have an option to install a cusomer supplied radio and I am trying
to determine if I should provide them with an IC-M802 (which would be
significantly less expensive) or go with their option.

Craig Scott

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