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I tension the small line enough for the swivel to have solid contact with the internal aft section of the mast.  Being Dyneema, the tension is quite high.  No movement observed even in 30 Its winds.  Tension is also high on the halyard.

Indeed, I’ve moved fast.  Now in Curacao departing for Bonaire on 8 Oct for lots of diving then … about 25 Oct to Santa Marta Columbia.  Thereafter, it will be San Blas islands (Panama) and Boca del Toro.  

Crossing into PAC 4-10 Jan the Galapagos and Marquesas… such is the plan…

But you know about plans

Cheers to both of you.


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Hi JP.

It's been a while. You guys just moved too fast and we have not had a chance to run into each other.

We did try that but we furled as we raised the swivel to get some wraps on the Furler as well. Have you been able to eliminate contact by just tensioning the mid section of the Furler?


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Hi A & M,

I had the same issue on my SM.  

I tie a small line (dyneema) on the swivel and tie it loosely to the aft end of the boom.  I then raise the swivel to about mid mast and tension the small line.  Job done..

Jean-Pierre Germain
Eleuthera, SM007

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Hello every one;

We are removing our sails for the winter and would appreciate ideas on how to prevent the Furler extrusions from hitting the mast when the sails are removed.

We have tried different approaches and have had some success but still got some occasional contact and sound depending on wind conditions.. We would like to avoid being a nuisance to the live aboard community and also prevent any potential damage.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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