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Mohammad Shirloo

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience. We did go with an 8mm line wrapped around the foil spaced about 6" between wraps and everything has been quiet.

Saves some wear on the Furlers and masts and happy cruisers that will be wintering aboard around Kokomo.


Mohammad and Aty

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Thanks bill. Have you tried this?


Mohammad and Aty

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I think the best solution is to have a sailmaker make a "noise-stopping sail" out of old sail cloth about 1m H X 1.5m L. 

Have him sew bolt rope on the 1m side and a grommet at the top and bottom on that side. On the other 1m side cut the side to a point (triangle), and place a grommet at the point. Connect the top grommet to the swivel with small line, connect a "down guy" to the bottom grommet, and connect and "outhaul to the point grommet of the triangle. Raise this "sail" midway. Furl this sail (don't worry about wrapping the downhaul because you will only use it when unfurled and to haul down. Secure the "outhaul" to something that keeps it tight.



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Hello every one;

We are removing our sails for the winter and would appreciate ideas on how to prevent the Furler extrusions from hitting the mast when the sails are removed.

We have tried different approaches and have had some success but still got some occasional contact and sound depending on wind conditions.. We would like to avoid being a nuisance to the live aboard community and also prevent any potential damage.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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