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Everyone - This is tremendously helpful!  I must say that I find this forum to be an incredible resource, thanks to the kindness and extensive experience that seems to be shared by all of those who contribute to this group.  
Thank you, and I hope to get to know many of you more as we join the community of Amel owners (hopefully). 


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I originally had a Switlik which lasted me 18 years and was still good when I got rid of it.

It is important to get a life raft that is not too big as without sufficient interior weight they tend to flip. I chose a Winslow 6 man raft. Winslow was my choice as it has pockets inside that close. I believe the model was SLOP. It has numerous designs for a hard case, I also got a great price at the Annapolis boat

show. I chose it for 3 reasons,. If you read survival stories , you read about rafts flipping and losing their contents. With the pockets that can’t happen, secondly it is lighter than most rafts and, it has a 3 year repacking life.


My ditch bags are the type with dry suit zippers and will float with  75 pounds in them most ditch bags sink. I have also attached a painter to them with a snap shackle. Amongst other things in them  I have:





30 days of life raft food.

Lots of flares

Fishing gear and a board to cut up fish.

And a lot more things.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hello everyone - 

Though this is not Amel specific, I would like to ask the group for recommendations regarding what you all would consider the best life raft for off-shore sailing.  This would be for an Amel SM2000, and ideally a 6 or 8 person life raft.  

Perhaps there is one that fits best on the boat, and perhaps you could share any good or bad experience with the ones that you have had.  

I appreciate any feedback...


-James (hopefully a new Amel SM owner in the very near future)



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