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Winslow are good quality rafts; they are the firm used by most aircraft manufacturers.

I had a case built into the rail aft port and mine resides there, above the deck and is extremely easy to deploy.  Like the 54’s have.

For me, the safety was the more important factor.

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Hi James.  I just purchased a Winslow 6 man offshore raft.  My 18 year old one was still in good shape a few years ago, but they won't recertify it again.  Fortunately, I have never had occasion to use the old one, so can't comment on it's efficacy.  The new one is in a soft valise and is lighter weight (still 70lbs) and a smaller package than the old one.  I keep it in the port deck locker except when I am on a passage, in which case I lash it to the aft cabin top.  I chose not to have a permanently mounted hard case because I like the decks clear of obstructions when I'm not at sea.  The new one will give me a bit more room in the locker for extra fuel.

It would be nice to see them in action (at a boat show?), see how hard it is to get aboard, etc.  Without that in-person look, I just chose what appeared to be a well equipped, stable looking raft.  I also have a well equipped ditch bag with extra EPIRB, VHF, flares, hand-pump desalinator, food, etc.  My sat phone and InReach will go into it in a pelican case.

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