billklein48 <sidecar1@...>

This is a pretty expensive compass to throw away! Why dont you send
it for repair. Go on the internet and type Danforth Compass Repair
into the browser and you will find companies specializing in marine
instruments that can repair your Danforth. My Maramu hull # 91 also
needs this repair. Try Bill K---

In, "jeanpaulmary" <schooner.jpm@...>

Hello, on my Maramu #39 is a replacement Plastimo compass fitted, it
looks very nice (as from origin)
Jean Paul
--- In, Richard Piller
<richard03801@> wrote:

We bought a new one and made the hole bigger. We
suggest you find any compass that roughly fits the
hole and go from there.
best of luck.
Richard M 183
--- Alex Paquin <alex.paquin@> wrote:

Can anyone tell me what are the specifications or
model number of the
Danforth Constellation Compass installed on the
Maramu in 1981?
Our hull is No.94.
I need to have it repaired or replaced since the
plexiglass has cracked
and the liquid evaporated.

Alex Paquin

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