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i think you missed the message from Ruedi. Bill, that's serious. He is a gentleman thrustful, with a very bad experiance like me with this vaurian (thats franch, you can google it in eng. lang.)

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Rudolph and JP,

I am sorry that you had issues with Amel's rep in Turkey because I recommended them after they performed very well for me. They were recommended to me by an Italian owner of a 54. I used Emek in Turkey for many different things,, and if I were there today, I would use them. Like any business, there are strengths and weaknesses. And like any complaint or story, there are at least two sides to the story. 

Social media and forums such as this are good for many things, but unfortunately a few differences can ruin someone's reputation. I happen to know more about a few complaints regarding Emek than I think most people know. There is one thing in common with most of the service oriented complaints and that is the owner's expectations were not realistic and in most cases the owner was absent. The owner's expectations should have been established by Emek, but regrettably it is the Turkish culture to say whatever you want to hear. 

There is a significant risk for leaving your Amel unsupervised, even at Amel-owned facilities. I believe that when maintenance of any kind is performed on your Amel, you should be present and supervise the project. You have to remember that the workers hired by Amel, or any service provider, are, almost always, unschooled people with general mechanical ability that are expected to perform work on anything from toilets to generators. If you cannot understand this, maybe you should not own a boat.

There is nobody better qualified to ship parts for an Amel than SAV"at" If you use another source, you are certainly taking a risk. The bow thruster went through several changes during the production of the SM and only the good people at SAV know the issues. Yes, their prices are higher, and yes, the air freight they use is more expensive, and yes, you take many risks in buying parts elsewhere.

I happen to know much more about a few complaints, but there are at least two sides to every issue, and I personally do not feel that this is the place to present them to you. But, if I were in Turkey today, I would use Emek for some things and like always, I would supervise the work, the same way that I do anywhere. By biggest problem is that I have nobody supervising me.


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" Warning

I would like to warn all AMEL - owners.

In Turkey, there is a person, called Riza, who operates under EMEK - Marina. He seems to be an appointed Agent of AMEL.

I had ordered from him a few items, when he told me that he has everything in stock and could send them to Australia within 3 days. After we had placed the order and sent the money, we had to chasse him during  3 Month to get the items. He provided us inbetween with fake bills of ladding and thosand excuses. Finaly we got a Bowthruster motor wich was not new and even broken. We had to get it to a specialised workshop to make it working. The price of EMEK was with 3800 € for a new motor !

Further, and to the wors, he did not provide a ordered repair- kit for the Bowthruster. The Money he got for that was 880€. After the intervention of AMEL La Rochelle, Riza wrote that he will reimburse  the money for the not delivered goods. He lied as well to me, as to AMEL, when he sayd that he had sent the money. The 880 € never arrived at our account !

For me it is extremely strainge, that AMEL is working with such crucks. I had mailed the story to the GM oF AMEL, but never got any signe from them. Only, M. Billard from SAV, was helpfull to us, but finaly, he did not get Riza to reimburse the collected 880 €.

EMEK marina, not EMEK Sales or Riza answer any mail, asking the prouve of transfert, and no any other reply.

I strongly recommend al AMEL-Owners not to do any business with Riza. If you aske within the forum, you find other Owners, who had bad experiences with Riza.

If anyone want's more details, i have the whole story on my PC.



SM 2000 # 407"

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