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Thanks Paul and James,

Still looking forward to receiving the new Qsails in two days, but no doubt a bit worried in light of your posts.  My hope was to get STOCK AMEL SIZED and CUT SAILS, no changes.  Which I think it should be about a 155 Genoa. Correct?.....  I am still with high hopes for this to work out.  :)  I too will inform everyone as to the outcome of my first sail purchase.  If everything fits as stated by Qsail, I will be a big proponent for Qsails.   


Ken Powers
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Hello All,

  I ordered a  110 percent  tri-radial jib from Q-sails this season.  I provided Q-sails with the dimensions of my original Genoa for the initial quote and then complete measurements for my boat which included the Genoa track positions.  Emrah Oge was my contact and was very prompt and courteous in responding to my emails.  The sail was completed on time and the price was as quoted.  When the sail arrived and was installed on the boat, my initial impression was that the workmanship looked good.  I unfortunately quickly found that have a significant problem with the sail since the sheeting position required to properly trim the sail falls more than a meter ahead of the forward end of my original Genoa track.  The sail will apparently require a recut to fit the boat.  I have emails in to Emrah Oge and he is aware of the problem based on his delayed initial response. I was told that he was having a server problem and certainly this is possible, however there also seems to be a delay in response to my more recent emails as well.  I won't speculate on the eventual outcome at this time since I want to give Emrah Oge adequate time to respond but I will provide a future update on this forum.

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