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Porter McRoberts

No I don’t. If the bar signal in the app represents the bar signal of the iridium it can be tens of minutes of waiting before I get above 3 bars (3/5) which is when I do get success. That’s the issue. Perhaps connecting to the previous owners existing iridium satellite antenna with the iridium go antenna converter doesn’t provide the best coverage. I have the iridium mounted under the Nav station and connected to he old antenna. 

Anyway to test to see if the antenna is good?  Bill Rouse?  Any thoughts?

Perhaps bringing the iridium top sides is the way to go. 

I’ll test it out. 

Appreciate the help!



S/V Ibis. 54-152 Fort Lauderdale. 

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Your experience is very different than mine.  

My data connections go through first time at least 90% of the time.  

Do you have good signal strength displayed on the Iridium Go when you are having problems?

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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Question on this topic please for Iridium Go users:

Are used him go both with its own and Hanna and then also plugged in to an existing iridium satellite phone antenna. 

Regardless of the antenna used I find that it takes sometimes multiple times even up to 10 or more before my login to the Mail and download is successful. It may take some times 30 to 50 minutes of failed attempts before I get a connection and am able to download the mail.

Sometimes I get so frustrated I just simply abandon the task and come back to it later as it may take that amount of time – 30, 40, 50 minutes of attempting and then I abandon. 
Am I an outlier? Or do others also have this scenario?

Very much appreciated

Porter and Helen McRoberts
Fort Lauderdale 
S/V Ibis 54-152

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