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There is already a 12V supply that is active only when the main engine is on...  it runs the blowers.

I'll second the what Bill R said about the Onan generator already being protected this way.  Doubling up really doesn't buy you anything except more wires and complexity. But a useful addition to the main drive engine.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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Has anyone installed a Vetus exhaust temp alarm?  I know owners have used a Borel alarm.... but this seems to be a good idea also and the price is right.  It has a sound and visual alarm and Vetus says 2 sensors could be attached to one unit so an owner could protect both the engine and generator.  There are 12V and 24V versions and I am curious as to whether there is a convenient way to wire a 12V so it is activated only when either the generator or engine is operating.

Bob, KAIMI On the hard in Malta


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