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eric freedman


The Borel unit has saved my bacon twice.

You can order it in either the 12 volt or 24 volt version. . If you do ask for a 20 foot length of wire on the unit. I have mine mounted on the port side of the companionway next to the Amel nameplate.

The unit is so simple you do not have to make it more complicated. There is a thermocouple that mounts to the exhaust hose. When the hose is not too hot the thermocouple is open and draws no current. Thus the alarm will not sound.

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There is already a 12V supply that is active only when the main engine is on...  it runs the blowers.


I'll second the what Bill R said about the Onan generator already being protected this way.  Doubling up really doesn't buy you anything except more wires and complexity. But a useful addition to the main drive engine.


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Has anyone installed a Vetus exhaust temp alarm?  I know owners have used a Borel alarm.... but this seems to be a good idea also and the price is right.  It has a sound and visual alarm and Vetus says 2 sensors could be attached to one unit so an owner could protect both the engine and generator.  There are 12V and 24V versions and I am curious as to whether there is a convenient way to wire a 12V so it is activated only when either the generator or engine is operating.


Bob, KAIMI On the hard in Malta


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