Re: Thomson Washer major water flooding !!!

Jose Venegas

I found and fixed the problem!!!


Last Saturday while it rained, I decided to open the beast and examine its guts.  I first I removed the forward (bow) cover and changed the pump. It was a piece of cake.   However, after checking the old pump I realized that that was not the problem.  Next, I removed the aft (stern)  panel and there it was, a small slit on the black rubber tube that brings the water pressure lelvel signal to the water level switch.  (left upper corner)  It turns out the tube ran between the metal cover sheet and the iron weight which, over time slowly abraded the rubber tube finally creating a small crack that allowed air to escape as the water level increased.  So, when trying to refill the drum, the washer kept  adding water until it began to escape down into the floor.  


The best solution would have been to change the tube but I did not have the proper size.  Instead, I cut off the abraded piece and replace it with a piece of rigid plastic tube that fitted well in both ends.  To avoid the problem in the future, I changed the path of the tube to behind the iron weight so that it would not be abrading between two moving surfaces.  I will be uploading the pix.


The test was perfect and now I have a spare water pump.


Thank you all for the suggestions and I hope this will help anyone in the future before they move to replace the washer.


Jose Venegas

Ipanema SM2K, 278

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