Re: Vetus Alarm


Thanks everybody! BTW those horror stories REALLY reinforce that this could be a good thing to do.  In addition to melted lift mufflers I am suspecting that it can also help prevent engine damage due to overheating--seems like there are many cases where the engine is damaged before the high fluid temp alarm sounds.

Agree with both Bills on not needing it for the generator.   Bill Kinney--I (finally) just put a V meter to it and indeed the supply to the blowers on our year is 12V.  I recall reading this before and I am assuming that Amel did this to prolong the life of the blowers but I am curious as to why. 

I will probably mount the indicator (round) next to the voltage and temp gauge next to the diesel panel.  

There are 2 versions of the sensor:  I think I will use the sensor that fastens on the neck of the muffler rather than the hose once I confirm the muffler model.  

Does anyone have the model number of the plastic Vetus used on the Yanmars?  This will save me having to remove it before ordering.

I will get the alarm and sensor this winter while we are back in the US--and do the installation when we return to Malta in late March--so if anyone does an installation please report to the group!  And again, thank you.

Bob, KAIMI SM429

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