Re: Engine exhaust hull fitting and copper water lines

John Clark

Thanks Eric and Bill.  

I spent the morning with Dr. Google learning about copper corrosion. Seems that there is a lot of chemistry involved and that the corrosion can be tough to knock out without aggressive cleaning.

 I like the idea of painting the lines, but they first need to be cleaned better than I am able to do in that particular corner of the ER.  I did clean off the loose blue flaky stuff and vacuum the area, but cannot get in there to wet clean and flush the lines.  My concern with a non neutralizing paint is that the corrosion can continue, and I won't see it.   

Corrosion X claims on their website that it can displace the salts that are causing the corrosion on the copper lines then protect them with a waxy film.  What do you think about Corrosion X instead of paint?   To me an "advantage" is that I can visually monitor the situation and if corrosion persists then replace the lines before they leak. 

 I think I will get a micrometer down there today and figure out the line size and see if I can get some "spare" tubing to have on hand just in case.   

                    Regards,  John

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