Re: COCO Amel 53 2000 sail sizes


Actually the stock Amel genoas exceed 155%. 155% is an arbitrary limitation for racing headsails, beyond which handicap penalties apply. On a cruising boat, we don't care about such things. As one of the few sailmakers who has not only sailed extensively on an Amel, but owned one, I've seen some poorly designed sails on other Amel yachts due to sailmakers who don't understand the twin pole arrangement and other aspects of the Amel. 
Reducing the overlap percentage beyond a certain point makes the headsail impractical to use with the poles but some owners like to carry a smaller headsail for upwind passages. Reducing the overlap and insuring the sail will sheet properly isn't difficult but does require some additional measurement. When we measure, we not only record the horizontal distances from the stem to the track fore and aft ends but also capture those measurements from aloft and combine this with some measurements at select points down to the water which gives us sufficient data to very accurately model the rig in our design software. 

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