Re: Buying Euros.

Jose_Luis Isasi <jose.luis.isasi@...>

Hello Brian,

How much are they asking for it?

I have restored my Euros (Always improving it). I can try to brief
you in the process I followed, the rest is as with any other boat.

The Hull:
The keel has attached an iron keel for ballast. Sometimes you can see
corrosion but it is not an issue.
I peeled the paint on the hull to check if there was something
hidden. Everything was fine so made it painted again with Epoxy
before the usual painting. The boat has skeg so it is a rather strong

The windscreen and windows:
These need usually to be replaced I do not know if Amel can still
provide you with them. I had to make them with molds and it was very
expensive. You can consider the alternative of removing them and
install a glass and metal windscreen. I have also changed window
screens in the stern but this was cheap.

The engine:
Mine has a Volvo MD21A in very good condition so I keep it.

The deck: Usually the non skidding surfaces are well so it is better
not to paint the deck.

Water system: I have easily changed most of the piping and I have
installed a new water heater last weekend.

Lots of things.... please send me an email if you need more detailed


--- In, "thenbarazi" <thenbarazi@...>

I'm a new member that is thinking of buying an older Amel (Euros,).
What in particular do I need to look out for? I have knowledge of
sailing boats in general, but no 'product knowledge' regarding
Any pointers and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Brian Gore.

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