Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Engine exhaust hull fitting and copper water lines

John Clark

Spent the morning and good part of the afternoon attaching the new exhaust hose to what I am calling the Amel thru-hull adapter.  In the photo it is the metal piece.  The new hose had the same OD as the old hose and is wire re-enforced.

I used 3M Marine silicone between the hose and the adapter.  It acted as a lubricant during installation and as a sealant after it sets up. While not normally a sealant I would use at the waterline silicone was used previously and did not leak, and I believe Olivier said silicone was what Amel used during production.    A consideration is that unlike 3M 5200 or 4200 siliconed parts can be separated later.  

The fit between the hose and adapter was breathtakingly tight.  As you can see in the photo I had to make use of a ratchet strap to finally pull the fitting onto the hose.  Tomorrow with help from my XX chromosomed  assistant we will clean out the hull fitting and reinsert the adapter plus hose. 

I purchased an extra hose clamp that I intent to fasten about where the one is in the photo and attach a wire between it and the shelf over the thru-hull to lock the exhaust assembly in place. 

                                Regards,  John

 John Clark
SV Annie  SM 37
Morehead City NC

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