Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bilge Pump Quit

Dominique Guenot

This same Bilge pump plastic membrane got punctured twice in 2 years on Viva which gave me a lot of grief. Also based on this distribution list it seems a never ending story.
I replaced the pump by a Jabsco waste pump 50890-1100. 
The benefits are: 
- the suction is stronger, does not require a joker and I extended the pipe to empty the bilge minus 2cm; which is handy at the time of bilge cleaning.   
- the pump is small compared to the initial one.  
- 18 months later, so far so good. 

Full disclosure the previous owner had already installed the same Jabsco pump with a floating sensor in case of bilge overflow. I can force them to work concurrently and also I tweaked the wiring so I can switch from one pump to another as needed. I like a lot this redundancy.  

Hope it helps
s/v Viva  
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Currently in Fiji 

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