Re: Bilge Pump Quit

Craig Briggs

HI Ken,
You don't describe how the gear is broken. If the problem is that the gear portion is sliding on the inner disc it is an easy DIY fix - search my earlier posts on how to do it. Even if the gear ring is broken you may be able to fix it in similar fashion.
Good luck,
Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris

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Any Help Will be appreciated!

Our bilge pump was running for what seemed a long time.  So I went down to see what was up.  I found the motor running, but not pumping.  The motor drive a plastic gear that broke.

Does anyone know where I can get this part, or maybe I have to get a new bilge pump.  :)

Thanks in advance,

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K #262
In Trinidad Crews Inn

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