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The anchor I like is a Mantus.  Similar in looks to a Rocna, in my experience the Mantus sets even faster and (when needed) on a shorter scope.  If you follow the  Manus recommendation for sizing, you'll have an anchor with a larger surface area buried in the seabed, which is what counts for keeping the boat in one place.

How much better than a Rocna?  That's hard for me to quantify. The difference is not huge, but I think it is very real. Obviously none of us have much experience with the different anchors--at the same time--in the same place--from the same boat.  But I have used both quite a bit.  

I would say the Ronca always sets and holds the first time every time.  Well... except for that time in the really soft mud in the Harness River, oh, and that time in the shallow sand in Bottom Harbor, or that time...  You get the idea.  It is perfect, except when there is a good reason for it not to be.

The Mantus has no "excepts" for me in that story.  Someday, there will be some, I am sure. Nothing is really perfect.

The only other anchors I have personnel cruising experience with are CQR and Bruce.  They, of course, work most of the time, but they don't come close to any of the modern designs under most conditions.  There are lots of others I can not say good or bad things about because I have not used them.

I think by the time you are done shopping, this is such a competitive business, prices are not very different. 

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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Hi Bill, Can you remind me of the name of the anchor you liked ( Mitsu or something similar )? 
I have a friend in Vancouver who is looking at what is available . 

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen , SM 302 Croatia 

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