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Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>


We replaced our rigging on Santorin 004 after 15 years and there was no sign of deterioration. Your m ain concern may be with insurance. Some will require you to renew afer 10/12 years but more insidious is the practice of refusing to pay claims if the rig comes down and the rigging is "old" but they do not require you to replace rigging after any specified length of time. Check with your insurer.

We got stay lengths from AMEL but fortunately I checked lengths of my rigging as I later found that AMEL's figures did not match reality!

I got a really good deal from StaLok for my replacement rigging.


Robin Cooter
Santorin 004 - Belouga

D VOKES <> wrote:
Hi Everybody, I have an amel Santorin no 119. I'm about to have the masts down for some work. It has been suggested that I should have the rigging tested/replaced. She's 1995 vintage.
I wonder if any body has any knowledge of Amel recomendations on rigging , experience of Uk insurers or other useful information re rigging.
Also does anybody have experience of tests on rigging, I presume ultra-sonic.

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