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Warren Traill

Wow. Good stuff. We own a 1980 Sharki #15. And love it! Have a problem now with the sea water pump dripping water from the openings behind the impeller casing. Does anyone know if this ia an urgent matter to attend to or could I safely motor for a few more hours. It only seems to leak after the engine has been turned off.





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It's tough for me to read all the group emails, but I noticed yours, and opened it. Congradulations! 


Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

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> I bought my Amel Sharki, #127, S/V Hanoah, in 2012. In April
> of this year I completed a two year solo circumnavigation,
> Panama westward and back to Panama. Actually I bought the boat
> specifically for a circumnavigation and ended up doing it alone.
> Have you ever talked to a boat owner who didn't love his/her
> boat? Well, I am the same about my Sharki. She is a fabulous
> offshore boat. I sailed beam to a full gale approahing Durban 
> and any boat not as stift would have rolled.
> Many of my companion boats complained of being wet while we
> crossed the Indian ocean and I was reasonably dry on Hanoah.
> The Indian Ocean crossing, Thusday Island to Mauritius, was
> weeks and weeks beam to trade wind seas.

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