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Yes, but I doubt that they will have any parts for a Sharki because the last Sharki was built 28 years ago.

That said, if you follow these instructions you will accurately receive parts much faster because it will eliminate “back and forth” emails of questions and answers.
The primary contact for ordering parts from Amel is SAV@.... In an emergency you can phone SAV at +33 (0) 546 55 00 75.
1. The email for parts must be clear and concise. Do not use phrases like, “I think I want to order.”
2. Use an opening phrase like: “Request for Quote and Availability for the following parts.”
3. List the parts with the best clear and concise description
4. If possible, or if you cannot correctly describe the part, include a photograph of the part(s)
5. Include your year model and hull#. Example: (2003 - Super Maramu 2000 – Hull #387)
6. Include your complete physical shipping address and phone number (no post office boxes, or postal general delivery because it will be shipped FedEx or similar)
7. Do not specify a shipper. Amel will choose the shipper.
8. When you confirm the Request For Parts (RFQ), include complete credit card information.

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Can I please ask for some advice regarding e-mails to SAV@...

I have written to them regarding potential spares for our Amel Sharki.
I sent the e-mail about 8 days ago.

From your experience what is the typical response time from SAV.

Also I wrote the e-mail in English, I have assumed that is OK.
Is my assumption correct?


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