Volvo Penta TMD22

Terence Singh

Libby's engine has over 6000 hours of use. The engine burns little or no oil and has served us well over the last 6 years.

I have purchased new injector nozzles at a reasonable price of $155.00 for all four. (

This is an order of magnitude cheaper than buying a complete unit for over $400.00 a piece.

I have disassembled the injectors (very simple) and cleaned everything.

Time to re-assemble, which from what I see is a simple...

My question. On some fuel injectors the pressure at which the injector opens can be set. 

This is performed by how much the body nut is tightened.

Does anyone know if this is the case for the TMD22 injectors? I do not see an adjustment nut (as seen on other units on youtube)

Aprreciate any help.


SV Libby

Amel Super Maramu 1997  #196 

Maple Bay, BC

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