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Warren Traill

Thanks Craig. I appreciate the advice. The engine is the original Perkins 4.108.  I know the impeller is the Johnson 09-1027B-10. Would you know then from that limited info it would be a lip seal or a face seal?




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Certainly not a super urgent matter that your sea water pump is leaking. Leaking behind the openings in the impeller casing is common sign of the lip seals (or face seals, if that's what your pump has) being worn out (you didn't tell us what kind of engine/pump you have). It's an easy and inexpensive DIY fix that you may want to put on your future PM schedule. Do rinse off the dripping sea water with fresh before it encrusts other stuff. If this has just started you can certainly run many more hours, monitoring the drips. Odd though that it only drips after engine shut down - I should think you'd see it dripping while the engine is running.

Good luck with it,

Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris, in New Bern, NC for a bit. 

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Wow. Good stuff. We own a 1980 Sharki #15. And love it! Have a problem now with the sea water pump dripping water from the openings behind the impeller casing. Does anyone know if this ia an urgent matter to attend to or could I safely motor for a few more hours. It only seems to leak after the engine has been turned off.





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It's tough for me to read all the group emails, but I noticed yours, and opened it. Congradulations! 


Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

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> I bought my Amel Sharki, #127, S/V Hanoah, in 2012. In April
> of this year I completed a two year solo circumnavigation,
> Panama westward and back to Panama. Actually I bought the boat
> specifically for a circumnavigation and ended up doing it alone.
> Have you ever talked to a boat owner who didn't love his/her
> boat? Well, I am the same about my Sharki. She is a fabulous
> offshore boat. I sailed beam to a full gale approahing Durban 
> and any boat not as stift would have rolled.
> Many of my companion boats complained of being wet while we
> crossed the Indian ocean and I was reasonably dry on Hanoah.
> The Indian Ocean crossing, Thusday Island to Mauritius, was
> weeks and weeks beam to trade wind seas.

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