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We have the manual Jabsco heads, and NEVER have the kind of problem you describe.  Something is going wrong with the installation of your joker valves, but I can not think what it might be.  Somehow "stuff" is leaking back through (or possibly around) them.  My first guess is that something is causing them to distort in shape, or to not seal around the edges.

If things improve for a short time right after you change the valves, I'll guess something is damaging them.  Do you use any cleaning products in the toilet?  Some of them can adversely impact the rubber compound of the joker valves.

We use the stock Jabsco joker valves, so nothing special there.  In two years we have changed one of them, and the other head has yet to need any parts, and they get used every day.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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I cannot address the electric head issue, as we have manual Jabsco’s. Our boat was right on the cusp of switching from manual to electric. 
That said, after having owned our fair ship for 8 years, I would like to solicit others’ experience. 
We have two standard manual Jabsco’s. Do other SM owners with manual heads also have Jabsco’s?
I ask that, because they have been such a huge problem for us. I know that heads are often at the top of the list for maintaining. 
However, ours have been particularly gruesome. The positioning of the holding tanks nearly a meter above the bottom of the head means a constant battle to prevent black water (extreme euphemism) from flowing back into the bowl, at times filling it. In the dark, the ladies can be very rudely surprised. 
We have tried almost everything: changing joker (tricuspid) valves every month, purchasing the newer Jabsco “lock” handle mechanism, and finally putting an extra in-line valve between the head and the holding tank. 
It is quite a bit better, but gravity still sometimes wins. 
Are we alone? 
Appreciate any feedback from this invaluable forum (for non-native English speakers, invaluable doesn’t mean not valuable, but rather extremely valuable). Don’t ask me why, not sure. For example, inhospitable means “not hospitable”, but inflammable means “extremely flammable”. 
But I digress. Thanks again as always. 

Tom Peacock
SM 240Aletes
Rock Hall, Maryland
Departing for Antigua November 3

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