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I am not a fan of bleach used as you describe.  In the long run it is very hard on the copper plumbing in the seachest manifold and holding tanks.

The sulfur smell comes from living things dying and decaying in the stagnant, anaerobic seawater.  

If you are going to leave the boat, you can close the main seachest seacock (you do anyway, right?), open the top of the seachest, put a hose in there and flush the toilets until the lines are full of fresh water.  

No more smell on first use.

Bill Kinney
SM160,  Harmonie
Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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I had a similar problem when I originally received Kimberlite from Amel. It was delivered with electric toilets.


The solution I found was to hold down the red flush button for 10 seconds.

This puts just salt water in the hose and whatever came out of the toilet is now in the tank and

just salt water returns to the bowl. You might try pumping the toilet more to get just salt water in the hose.

I also originally had to change the toilet to tank hose every few years due to permeation of odor in the hose. Now with a 10 second flush I have not had to change the hose in over 10 years.


I have 2 problems with the electric toilet.

When the boats sits for a few days the salt water in the tubing has a sulfur dioxide odor for the first flush—very smelly. Possibly someone else has a better solution, for us I add Clorox to the sea chest with water and operate the toilet until I smell Clorox. I let this sit for 12 hours.  The water comes out black on the first flush and then no more smell for a while. I bought the fresh water flush valve and initially intended to use it for a fresh water flush. However I hate to waste fresh water , so I stayed with salt water.


The other problem is the weakness of the base of the toilet. I have had to replace the forward base twice. Probably because we make passages with three other people and it gets more use.


Any suggestions to solve these issues?

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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