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Craig Briggs

I've clipped James' reply just to highlight the venting aspect. I had a louver made (matching the interior wood) for the forward bulkhead chain locker access panel. I keep in place instead of the solid panel unless making an offshore passage,  when I simply put switch it back to the solid panel.. 
Would suggest, when repairing the bow locker floor panels, that you include a lift out access panel in the middle so you can easily rinse out the chain locker periodically.
Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris

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   I inspected a 1984 Maramu which also had rotten panels in the bow locker.  .....     On my boat, I pull out the anchor rode,  rinse and dry on deck whenever possible.  I also wash out the anchor locker and usually keep the access door to the anchor locker partially or fully open to vent.  Anything that you can do to keep the humidity level down is helpful............ Best of luck with the repairs.

James Alton SV Sueno
Maramu #220

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The plywood soles of Harmonie's bow lockers are seriously rotten.  I was kind of surprised to see that the bottoms of these plywood sheets (i.e., the top of the chain locker) were "naked", without fiberglass sheathing.  I suspect exposure to the constant damp of the chain locker for 20 years was the start of the problem.

Replacement seems to be a fairly straight forward, fiberglass project, but if anyone else has had this problem and has any hints or "gothcha's" to watch for, I'd love to hear them!

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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