sandblasting...DON'T DO IT!


Greetings everyone. I posted a lengthy dissertation on the hazards of employing sand as a blasting media to remove bottom coatings on January 17th 2017. I have even more supporting evidence today because of sales of more Super Maramu’s since I wrote that post.


Some additions to make…


Soda and cryogenic blasting are the best ways to go if you can find these methods.


As always, operator skill/experience levels play a role. While we don’t often find Rhodes Scholars at the business end of a blasting hose, there are some very professional companies that are doing these procedures, some of which have received certification enabling them to get bonds/insurance to work on structures like bridges and water towers. Shop around.


Not only did the Super Maramu and Santorin have Amel’s proprietary anti-osmotic treatment applied INSIDE/BEHIND the hull’s gel coat, all Amel’s from about 1985 had a similar type of anti-osmotic behind the gel coat.


As told to me at the time, there was a bad batch of MEKP, the catalyst for polyester resin, that was nearly all pervasive in the European area so boats from Benneteau’s to Baltics, Amels included , suffered extensive blistering from about 1983 forward as a result of this contaminated catalyst. The proprietary Amel anti osmosis treatment was done to address moisture getting into the laminates and reacting harshly with the contaminations in the laminates.


Have fun with your Amel and don’t sand blast it!




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