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Craig Briggs

Hi Ryan,
I switched to the pumps with the locking handle. It seemed to work better initially, but after one season it's just as bad as the original. Need to constantly replace joker & rubber locking piece. IMHO it's just a crappy product.
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I have Jabsco manual heads on my boat, and both of them exhibit the black water backflow problem Tom mentioned.  I was advised by the previous owner to flush extra seawater through so when (not if) they backflow, it will be "clean" water.  This works to a point.  If the holding tank is sufficiently full, it will backflow seemingly directly from the tank.  I suspect this is when the level of waste in the tank rises above the level of the discharge hose from the head, allowing it to siphon backwards until the level drops again.  I do not have a solution except to get pumped out more often.  I was considering swapping the heads for the version with the locking handle, does that really not work?  It seems like it should.  I'd love a better solution!

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Your chemical engineer on call suggests that you might be looking for calcium hypochlorite rather than calcium chloride.

Other than that...  just like you said!

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