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Stephen Davis

Hi Chuck and Kim,

This is an easy trip which I have done several times, and all it requires is a little patience. You have excellent weather forecast in your part of the world, and you only need to wait until you get a good couple day forecast with winds not out of the north. It may take a week or more that time of the year to get the right weather, so don't rush it. 

I recommend you do the trip non stop in order to use the gulf stream to your advantage. Leave Ft Lauderdale in the morning, head straight into the stream, and ride it north until about abeam St Augustine. You will be a little over 50 miles offshore at that point, and you should now set your course straight to Brunswick, which will quickly take you out of the steam. If anything, you may have to slow a bit to arrive in daylight on morning 3. Don't forget to have your fishing gear ready, as its good fishing in the stream. 


Steve Davis
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Hi All,

I know many of you have traveled North along the Florida coast during various parts of the year. A little advice requested. I will be moving my boat from Ft. Lauderdale to Brunswick, GA. We will be moving it in early December. That brings the prospect of North winds against the Gulf Stream (December pilot charts and conventional wisdom seem to indicate this). Is there a general consensus as to a straight shot (~2.5 days). Daily hops (~5-6 days) or a combination depending on 3-5 day forecasts. Just don't want to get caught out at night in a bad blow and have to find shelter in a skinny poorly marked inlet. This stretch is unfamiliar to me. I researched acceptable inlets so there are a number to choose from. 

Thanks for your time.

Chuck & Kim

s/v Joy #388

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