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I am waiting for your book. 

Great advice. It seems to me that most of the people that I know who got in trouble on a passage we're either, sailing to a calendar appointment, departing with "friends," or bored with where they were.  

Study the situation well and don't let anything or anyone pressure your decision. 

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Hello Amel Folks. I sold Chuck and Kim their boat but I will respond to all so I can pass along some thoughts that will form separate chapters in the book about cruising that I will probably never find the time to write.


The common element running through all the good advice given by all respondents was time. Consider that for a moment.


“ When you buy a power boat, throw away your watch. When you buy a sailboat, throw away your calendar.” This should be considered along with, “ The two most important things to have aboard any vessel are good, well maintained ground tackle and a well-developed sense of fear.”


It can be dangerous to commit to a specific time period to complete a passage, no matter how short or seemingly ‘easy’ the journey may be.


If that little voice starts screaming at you as you prepare to depart, gentlemen, ( you know, the one that encourages you to stop and make sure of where you presently are when lost  ) listen to it carefully. If you are not sure of being able to reasonably clear all ‘no-go’ concerns before casting off, don’t. Start the voyage with confidence so you don’t finish it with fear.


And, like all who proffer advice, there have been times when I regretted not listening to my own.


Have fun with your Amel.



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Hi All,

I know many of you have traveled North along the Florida coast during various parts of the year. A little advice requested. I will be moving my boat from Ft. Lauderdale to Brunswick, GA. We will be moving it in early December. That brings the prospect of North winds against the Gulf Stream (December pilot charts and conventional wisdom seem to indicate this). Is there a general consensus as to a straight shot (~2.5 days). Daily hops (~5-6 days) or a combination depending on 3-5 day forecasts. Just don't want to get caught out at night in a bad blow and have to find shelter in a skinny poorly marked inlet. This stretch is unfamiliar to me. I researched acceptable inlets so there are a number to choose from. 


Thanks for your time.


Chuck & Kim

s/v Joy #388

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