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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Thomas;
Our furler motor stopped working within a few months of purchasing Kokomo. When we wanted to furl the main in a 25 Knot Breeze in Turkey, the furler would not work and we had to disengage the motor and manually furl the main.
We removed the motor and as we were removing it about a cup of water drained out of the motor. We sent it for service but were told that the motor was unrepeatable. We had to order a new motor from Amel. In discussing the issue with Amel, we were told that the upper seal of the motor dries out after a few years and water gets into the motor, so the seals should be changed every two years. We purchased new seals from Amel and is now a part of our maintenance schedule to change out the seals.
One more item to add to the ever expanding list of routine maintenance items.
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Hi all,

The main furler motor stopped working yesterday. We wanted to unfurl the dail and it wouldn't go. The outhaul is ok. 
Battery levels are fine (and the engine alternator was still running and producing amps at the time).
The command produces a click sound in what I think is the solenoid. 
The circuit breaker marked "mast" in the forward cabin above the centre bookshelf /wardrobe is on (as are the other breakers there for "boom", etc).

Any further advice before I tinker any further? I would check the motor itself but having never done it, I'd rather be cautious with little local help at hand. 


Fair winds

Amel 54 #122
Tangier, Morocco 

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