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Hi All,

When it rained here in Greece ( first for a month) I noticed a  black stain running from the bottom of the mizzen goose neck fitting. I took it off the boom. ( I also took the opportunity to repaint where there had been bubbles )

 Whereas there is a washer on the top of the aluminium piece that fits in the two jaws attached to the mast, there was no washer on the bottom of that piece. You will see from the photo that the bottom of that piece is blackened.

 There is evidence of  wearing around the hole on the upper side of the lower jaw, the shape of  which suggests that there might originally have been a thin washer there to prevent the aluminium piece rubbing on the jaw. It would have to be pretty thin as there is not much room there.

Does anyone know if there is meant to be a washer there ? It would have to be a hard plastic of some sort, and pretty thin.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Preveza, Greece

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  ian and judy jenkins

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