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Lars Knudsen <museum@...>

Hi Bill and Federico

Be aware that this topic has been discussed quite a few times - and by the
way, I have the exact same problem in my Santorin 1993 and is considering
how to best handle it.

Joel Potter has posted some very useful information on how to do this job -
and in fact advice to let professionals do the job as it requires special
breathing equipment and splitting most of the boat interior. But I have read
some remarks and also seen posts from a family who did the same job during a
stop in Turkey where the boat was on the hard.

What interest me the most is exactly what material should be used to not
have the same problem in ten year forward. Amel is now using some kind of
felt-backed vinyl lining instead of the old with rubber foam. Does anyone
have the specs and name/number on this material in the right colour?

And what is the exact type of glue to be used and how do one apply it so we
not risk the lining coming down again after a short while.?

Hope you find what you need - I will follow your postings with great

Best regards


Santorin Salvagny #79

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Subject: [SPAM][Amel Yacht Owners] Re: dropping vinyl ceiling

Hi Bill,

In the next two month I will replace the ceiling on my SM 056. As far
as I know there is nothing else to do then stripping off the old one,
scratching away the old rubber and glue and apply new glue and ceiling.
I'm shure it will be a dirty hard work.
If anyone know a bether way I would be realy thankfull in knowing it.

Best regards, Federico, Hibiscus

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Hello SM owners, I have experienced the dropping ceiling syndrone of
Amels and have solved the problem with fore and aft mahogney strips
would like to know the full repair procedure should I chose to do the
proper repair, if there is one.

Thanks for any input.

Bill Rahmig, SM72

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