Re: "Permanent" on 12v/24v



You wrote:  "all three of them combined are less than one amp when idle" 

That load can add up in a real hurry...  

One amp times 24 hours....  Wow!  That would add almost 25% to the entire electric load on my boat, for--nothing. If you are using the genset as your sole, or primary, power source that might not matter, but for those of us who rely mostly on solar, that's a really big deal.

However, in reading what I have to say, you should know we are probably a bit different than most... we do have a radio/CD player installed but we almost never use, so keeping its memory supplied with power is a vanishing low priority for us.  That, and we move. So radio station memory preset is kind of a worthless feature anyway.

Dealing with a "legacy" electrical system can be a nightmare.  I have done that in the past. I found the only way to keep my sanity was to handle it a bit at a time.  Every time I work on a wire run, even if it is not a new installation, I label it.  Not just at the beginning and end, but every place it is visible.  Every time you find an "abandoned" wire, rip it out.  Attacked a bit at a time, it's not an impossible task.

If you don't have a tone generating wire tracer, it might be a good investment.

Bill Kinney
SM 160, Harmonie
Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

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As I've been engrossed in the bowl-of-spaghetti called "wiring" it has been a true learning/labeling/discovering/pondering process.
I've pulled a lot of 'deadwood' wiring out, upgraded and updated some of the not-so-stellar runs and connections and made a couple of (what I think are) improvements to the back-and-forth wire runs I've discovered.
The wire Chase's were all stuffed soooo tightly, and when the old equipment came out (years ago, I guess) the cabling was just left in place. It's all good now,but I have a question about the three "Sailor" 24v-to-12v converters.
They appeared to be routed through one of the three breakers in the wet locker area (on the aft wall of the nav station) but one is marked "Permanent" which would seem to indicate it's 'hot' all the time.
Except for keeping data in the CD Player, is there a compelling reason this converter could not be switched off as well? I mean it probably draws next to nothing (all three of them combined are less than one amp when idle) but every quarter of an amp counts :)
As near as I can tell, all the 12v equipment (VHF, Autohelm, B&G computer, Chain Counter, AIS and stereo system) would not suffer from a switchable supply.
Is there something aboard, either 24v or 12v, that definitely requires permanent power?
Thanks in advance. It's been a heck of a project so far .. started out chasing a lost GPS signal and have been rewiring for two weeks now. The wire-tie folks love me :)

Gary W.
S/V Adagio
Marmaris, Turkey

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