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Last year I removed the vinyl and foam backing and have a couple of

* As Joel warns, use something better than a dust mask. A respirator
is necessary and really isn't that big a deal...just better rubber seal
and canisters that are specific for the job. You can get the right
stuff at Home Depot, etc. HOWEVER, I heartily recommend a full face
respirator. Again, it is no big deal, just a respirator that also seals
around your eyes. Mine never fogged up and it was absolutely great.
You will be working on overhead surfaces and in anycase there will be a
great deal of irritating dust. It was much better than goggles. These
are not hard to find...I think I bought mine on eBay and they take the
same canisters as the same brand of a regular half face respirator .
* Second, get the LARGEST shop vac you can find and add 2 or 3 hose
extensions (use the 2" diameter hose) and run it through a hatch . This
allows you to place the shop vac on deck and eliminate the noise,
etc--also, the hose is coming from overhead and easy to manouver. Use
of a paper insert filter will simplify the disposal of the old foam.
The powerful suction of the shop vac is very helpful in removing foam,
clearing the air AND adding ventilation as fresh outside air replaces
the air inside the boat it removes. It may sound odd, but you can also
vac against the coveralls you are wearing to remove humidity and cool
your body!!! The shop vac I used had a curved claw like attachment that
was very good for pulling the residual foam from the back ot the vinyl
and from the overheads and bulkheads.

"Brittany de la Mer"

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Hi Bill,

In the next two month I will replace the ceiling on my SM 056. As far
as I know there is nothing else to do then stripping off the old one,
scratching away the old rubber and glue and apply new glue and
I'm shure it will be a dirty hard work.
If anyone know a bether way I would be realy thankfull in knowing it.

Best regards, Federico, Hibiscus

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Hello SM owners, I have experienced the dropping ceiling syndrone of
Amels and have solved the problem with fore and aft mahogney strips
would like to know the full repair procedure should I chose to do
proper repair, if there is one.

Thanks for any input.

Bill Rahmig, SM72

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