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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Tom,

I agree with you. It is the no thrust situation in the Amel with its unique system of mounting that allows these vetus mounts to be used and that the mounts obtained as replacements are correct.


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Hi Willem,

All this is ringing a bell in my head. There have been discussions about this in the past. I believe (69 year old brain) that the Vetus mounts seem undersized because they are measured as such with a standard engine with a prop shaft, which puts forward force on the entire unit. Amels, with their wonderful C-drive, don’t have that problem.

If you do a search on “Vetus” on this site, keep going back to June 2016, which is when we replaced our mounts. There is a wealth of information there from other owners.

Tom Peacock
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Hi Mike,


I just contacted Vetus in the Netherlands and they told me that they specify those hydro mounts for max 60 kg weight each and for a maximum of 35 hp engines. They developed the engine mount for their 3 cylinder (Mitsubishi) boat engines.


Is the name ‘VETUS’ on the rubber on your mounts? What is your experience with these mounts?


Kind regards,


Willem Kroes


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Hello Willem,

This is a Vetus Hydraulic Dampened Engine Mount. We purchased these in 2016 from Jamestown Distributors in Bristol, RI, USA for $169 each.

Mike Ondra

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Hi all,


The engine mounts between the steel cradle on which the engine and gearbox are mounted on my SM # 351 need te be replaced by new ones. After consulting Mr. Olivier Beaute it turned out that Amel used the older engine mounts, called 'Suspension hydro mounts for Perkins M80', also for a period of time after they changed from installing Volvo Penta  to Yanmar engines.


The importing company of Perkins in the Netherlands can't recognise these mounts from a photo that I also attach to this message.


Can anybody recognise this type of engine mount?


Thanks in advance for your reactions!


Willem Kroes


SM 2k #351 "Kavanga"









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