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John Clark

I Steven,
    I second Mark's suggestions.  A surveyor who knows Amel and Bill Rouse consulting will go a long what to keep you out of trouble.  Joel Potter also is a good resource.   Depending on where your prospective vessel is located it may cost you a few thousand for the right surveyor.  It is worth it. 

As far as "weak' points, I don't feel that there are any significant engineering weaknesses in the SM model.  What to watch out for is damage to the expensive unique to Amel parts, like the C-drive, masts, boom, and of course the hull.    Most every boat (except Bebe :) will have some maintenance issues to address.   The" right boat" for you is a complex equation factoring in the price, the condition of the vessel, the qualifications of the purchaser, with regard to making repairs or improvements, and the history of the hull.  Don't buy a boat that has been damaged and repaired.

If you are handy with boat maintenance and inclined to take on projects then a boat that needs some work or that is not showroom new, but with a low enough price, could be a better deal than a perfect circumnavigation-ready model with a premium price tag.  I enjoy tinkering with things so a little bit of "work needed" was not a turn off for me, and my boat's price was significantly below market.  I am totally please with my Amel.  

 For me "work needed" was something like fixing the furling drives.  For example, it was evident in the brokers photos, and the survey, that the furling gears needed attention.  If one had Amel fix the issue it would certainly run into thousands of dollars.  With help from the Owners Forum, I replaced my gears, added recommended" Amel Owners Forum modifications to the gears to prevent future issues," and cleaned and rebrushed the motors.  I now have a detailed understanding of the mechanism, and spent less than $700 USD.  I would not have as full an understanding if I had not gotten into the parts as I did.  I feel much better starting a circumnavigation having spent the time on them, and a few other issues while still in the States.  

Regards,  John....and good luch with your purchase.  Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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Get a good surveyor, one that knows Amels. There are plenty mentioned on this forum.


Call Bill Rouse and get him involved. This will be money VERY well spent. (I’m assuming you are in the USA or North America)


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Hi everyone,


Any weak points to check before purchasing an Amel  SM 2000 build in 2003???



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