Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] points to check before buying 2003 Amel SM 2000

James Cromie

I echo the comments of others on this topic. 
My wife and I are in the process of purchasing an Amel presently.  
We initially looked at Amel SM2000’s without the help of anyone with expertise with these unique boats.  After we had looked at a boat, we decided to ask Bill Rouse for pre-purchasing consulting. 
His advice and experience was invaluable in the process for us.  If I did it over again, I would have had Bill help from the very beginning before even looking at a boat.  

I would also echo the opinion that an experienced surveyor who has specific expertise with Amels is critical.  If you hire a surveyor who doesn’t have that experience, you will be throwing away $1500 or so,  and have little useful information from the survey, in my opinion.  I can say that from personal experience!

I have learned a great deal about Amels in the short time that I have known Bill R.

Similarly, this forum has been a fount of knowledge, opinions, and overall useful advice for new owners like ourselves.  I’m compiling a book of my own from many of the threads generated on this forum.  

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I am a new owner of SM #440 Cara (July 2017).  I second Mark's comments:

1.  Get a surveyor who knows Amels.  I used Olivier Beaute for two separate surveys and can't recommend him strongly enough.  One deal I walked away from and the other one I bought the boat.  I don't regret either outcome.  Olivier worked for Amel for ~20 years and knows these boats better than probably anyone alive.  He charges the same as other surveyors and he gives you an introductory education about the boat and it's systems while he conducts the survey as long as you attend the survey.  It's priceless.  Contact info:  Olivier BEAUTE atlanticyachtsurvey@...Mob: +33 674 028 243; olivierbeaute AT gmail dot com

2. Get in touch with Bill Rouse even if you are not in North America.  Air travel and hotels are relatively cheap.  The experience and knowledge that comes from 11 years owning, living on, and sailing an Amel SM is priceless. 

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD

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