[Amel Yacht Owners] NIKIMAT Illustrations & Parts for sale

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon,

I just finished a “crude” page on http://nikimat.com
with links to most the Illustrations I did, plus Owner Manuals, etc.

Toward the bottom you will see “Parts for sale”.
For now I only listed the Volvo engine parts (can’t believe it total to over $8550 + tax/shipping).
I haven’t posted what price I would like, thought of 20% below the US price I paid (which means 35% below Caribbean prices), open to suggestions.
I would prefer the parts to be picked up locally in Sint Maarten.
Even if you are not buyer, you can always look at the part number, pictures and drawing for reference.

Working next on the generator.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Lost on September 6 during Hurricane Irma at
IGY Simpson Bay Marina, St Maarten, NA

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