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Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Mark, we agree with Eric. We have a NASA unit with screen at the Nav station and use it the same way... When we are in the shipping lanes we can see shipping even when in a rain or wind storm and the radar has lots of clutter...
Richard and Joan at Simpson Bay SM 209

eric <> wrote:

I would order the "radar unit "from Nasa. Otherwise I would order the black
box from NASA. It is so cheap.

The black box comes with computer software.

Before I was hit by lightning I used the "radar unit "and it was amazing.
Now that I have the new Raymarine E series

I get the Ais info on the Raymarine screen it is doubly amazing. I do not
see the need of ais at the helm. You will see the ship on radar and then use
the Ais to figure out your tactics. I have received Ais signals on my chart
plotter since it is rectangular at over 80 miles.

Fair Winds,



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Thanks for the quick reply. I do have Raymarine
chartplotters but they are an RL80C at the nav station
and an RC530 repeater at the helm. That was state-of-the-art
in October 2003. As far as I can tell, these are not Raymarine
series C or E, and thus will not take AIS input. If I am wrong,
please let me know since then I will get a blackbox receiver.

If these Raymarine units will not display AIS, the issue is how else to
display AIS output?
There is a NASA unit with a small monochrome display, but
I am not sure where to add another display at the helm. The SeaCas unit
connects to a
laptop via usb (in fact, usb powers the SeaCas receiver so one does not
have to wire it to the boat's power supply). I was thinking of just
mounting my laptop securely on the nav table and using it as the AIS
display -- with full color and large font lettering. I already have
navigation software that support AIS input.


S/V Sabbatical III
ASM #419

eric wrote:

Why did you choose the seacas system over the NASA unit? Do you have a
Raymarine chart plotter on board? the Nasa black box will put the ais
targets on the C and E series chart plotters.
The install of the Ais antenna is simple.
I believe I suggested the sea me unit to you. If the unit is mounted as on
Kimberlite, there is a hole in the edge of the mizzen masthead on the
starboard side.
I just used a large reamer to enlarge the hole for the VHF antenna. Amel
left runners on the masthead to be able to pull a cable through the
mast. It
is accessible at the bottom of the mast on the port side. It is a
plate with two screws.
You pull the cable down to that point. Then go into the aft head and there
is a panel to the right of the mirror. Remove the panel and you will
find a
piece of corrugated hose that leads up to the bottom of the mizzenmast
the radar cable in it. You then just pill the cable down into the mirror
area with a snake. . there is a wood panel below the forward port in
the aft
cabin . Remove this with the few wood screws. Incidentally, Amel uses torx
screws and not Phillips head screws. They look very similar, but the torx
screwdriver available from McMaster works much better on all the screws of
the boat. With this panel removed you can run the ais antenna cable across
the boat. Just follow the radar cable across the headliner in the
bunk using the access panels. The cable then runs down into the forward
cabinet in the mid ships cabin. It is behind removable panels on the
side, which is held in with Velcro. Then remove the panel behind the
bookshelf and you are at the nav station. After mounting the antenna, I
believe we had the cable at the nav station in less than 30 minutes.
Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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