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Mark Garver

Bill and Judy,

Thank you for all that you do for us Amel owners. Being one of the newest members of the Amel family, our decision to buy our 1993 SM this past August, was in large part to your story and adventures, and to the family we observed on this forum prior even to joining. Being fellow Texans there was something about the two of you and BeBe, and to be honest learning of you selling her was a day of mixed emotions. The brighter side of that event was that my wife and I decided to stop simply admiring Amel's from a distance and window shopping to making a visit to It's Good in Virginia and making an offer on Memorial Day of this year.

Since our closing at the end of August we have spent time making the boat ours, fixing minor things, labeling things and getting to know the boat. That said, every time we have made it up to visit there was a tropical storm looming near by, pushing high winds and sea toward where we were tied up at the Marina. That was also a blessing in disguise, because it made my wife feel very comfortable and safe.

Soon we will be bringing the boat down to Charleston, SC for the winter, and we will be reaching out to you hoping to get on your calendar and becoming graduates of the Amel School!

Thank you so much, maybe we can drive down to Galveston for lunch with the two of you, we are up in the Lake Conroe area, so not too far at all.

Godspeed to you both!


Mark and Jennifer Garver
It's Good
1993 SM #105

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All Amel Owners and Friends,

I have participated in this forum and with this wonderful group of people for 12 years. It has been fulfilling, educational, and occasionally entertaining.

As many of you know, we sold BeBe to great new owners, Dan & Lori Carlson, earlier this year. Many of you asked me to continue as part of this group and I have tried to participate when I feel as though I have something to contribute. You may have noticed a recent lack of participation.

And, as some of you know, several months ago I started Amel School which gives me the opportunity to train owners that are new-to-Amel. I also help those who want to buy an Amel to choose the best Amel for their budget (Pre-Purchase Consulting). I had my 400 page Amel Book printed and bound for my Amel School clients and I provide 24/7 Support to them. I am proud to say that in a few months I have clients throughout the world and just added my 20th client. Most are members of this Group.

This brings me to what I need to post today. I am going to almost totally remove myself from the Amel Yacht Owners Forum. I need to do this to be able to serve my clients properly. I do hope that you understand this. In the past few months I have been asked by a number of you about my Amel Book and other Amel School related services. I have a parting offer for members of this Yahoo Amel Yacht Owners Group who have owned their Amels for 2 years or longer. If you are interested please follow this link to a hidden page on my website: Amel Yacht Owners Group.

Hopefully we will meet (again) somewhere on the water while I am with one of my Amel School Clients. 


CW Bill Rouse
Admiral, Texas Navy
Commander Emeritus

Amel School
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550

+1(832) 380-4970

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