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James Alton


   Many thanks for that bit of information.  My Maramu has a 100 amp breaker for the bow thruster and the Genoa furler.  Does the Santorin also have a breaker and if so can you tell me the amperage rating?   If not, do you know the wattage rating of the motor?   My current thruster is fantastic and I am in no rush to change anything, but if there is a simple and proven option to increase the power such as a motor changeout, I would like to make that upgrade in the future.

   I finally got to see a Santorin up close this season, two actually.  Very nice boats, congratulations.  I also appreciate the fact that my Maramu is not as complex as the SM and for the wife and I 46’ is a nice size that we can easily handle.  Both are wonderful boats I think but fewer moving parts to break means I get to spend more time outside of the bilge and the engine room.  (grin)


James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

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The Santorin is 12v throughout. Much easier for my simple knowledge of electrical systems! But I believe the bow thruster is the same as the SM apart from the motor. Being smaller and lighter it won’t need the higher wattage.


Ocean Hobo SN 96 ashore Clarke’s Court, Grenada.

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