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Hi James
I own the Maramu #219 built 1987 . On my boat, the breaker of 100A on the port side cabinet of the front cabine, feed Lofran and furling genoa.    The bow thruster is fed directly from the main switch via two heavy solenoids located on the left side of the bow thruster motor.   At the moment I am in Venezuela but next week I will be in Cartagena for a Packaging Symposium so I will take the opportunity to go on board to say hello to my loved  boat and verify what I wrote to you. Also if I am quite sure, at 78 it is better 
to verify (when possible).

S/V Sunny Side
Maramu #219
Todomar Yard Cartagena

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   Really sorry to hear that your boat has been dry for 18 months..that is far too long.  Thanks again for the information and I hope that you will find your boat in great shape when you relaunch next month.  


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I don’t go back to the boat until 6th November so can’t fully answer your question. There is a breaker in the front but I cant remember whether it covers the Genoa furler and the bow thruster or whether they are separate. I don’t know the wattage etc, but will do as one of the to do jobs is a complete bow thruster service.

I will make a note of it all as I go. Sorry my memory is a bit blank, unfortunately the boat has been on the hard for 18 months....

Best wishes

Ocean Hobo SN96

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