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smiles bernard

many thanks for your thoughts and help guys!
I'm going to investigate a 2nd hand
It feels like the cheapest option and will avoid me having to add another removable stay (she already has a small inner stay retrofitted by previous owner for a storm jib but its set well back so no use for downwind rig)
Failing that i'll look to add an additional removable forestay  - i always liked the option of a spare forestay!

All the very best and thanks again

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Hi Ian,

We've used the ballooner as a light air jib, but you do have to drop the genoa, making it not very user friendly. In our case we were doing a fun day race in light air on Long Island sound. The J-24's still scooted past us!
Cheers, Craig, Sangaris SN68

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Agree with everything said above. Impressed with all the sail options.
Just wondered if anyone had used the ballooner on its own as a cruising chute or along with the mizzen staysail on a beam reach ? I’m thinking of when wind drops towards the end of the day with just a few miles to go - would be nice without the engine or rigging the whole down wind kit……

Ocean Hobo SN96

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