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Craig Briggs

Hey Kent, 

Can't quite tell what the problem is. If we call the long pole the whisker pole and the short one to the mast a jockey pole, I'm not understanding how the whisker pole won't connect to the jockey pole, since it seems you're saying it was the outboard end of the whisker pole, which is the block for the jib/balooner sheet, that was damaged. 
So, if that's the case, it seems the outboard end of the jockey pole and the inboard end of the whisker pole were not damaged and there should be no problem.  What am I missing? 

Or was it the inboard end of the whisker pole that was damaged? Or, if it's the jockey pole that was damaged and it's now too short, it seems you'll need a new piece of tube - cheap fix and just reuse the end fittings. Then again, if it's the inboard end of the whisker pole, can you use your FINE tool with a cutting blade to cut off the aluminum extrusion and twist/pull/peel the aluminum tube to get the rivets free? Shouldn't be a problem if the whisker pole is a few inches short.

Cheers, Craig SN68 - at Bridge Ponte Marine, New Bern, NC waiting for a weather window south.

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Hi All.
While I was sailing upthe Gulf Stream this Spring, I got caught in a microburst and one of my whisker poles dipped in the water, twisting it enough to break the rivets that hold the outboard end in the pole. I couldn't remove it and took it to a machine shop that removed it, but replaced the piece too far inboard and I discovered on the way to Jacksonville that it wouldn't stay clipped to the articulating piece on the jockey pole. I drilled out the rivets but can't budge the fitting.
Has anyone had this problem, or removed the fitting? If so, how did you get it out?
Thanks in advance.
SM 243
Jacksonville, FL UNTIL Dec 1

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